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What Is TXloan? is an online lending platform that helps connect our users to lenders specializing in lending to borrowers with bad credit in Dallas Texas. TXloan ensures you receive the best financial services available to you at the lowest rate no matter your credit score.

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We provide access and have collaborated with lenders and credit unions to offer our consumers personal loans in Dallas TX bad credit, bad credit auto loans in Dallas TX, title loans in Dallas, payday loans online in Dallas, title loans online in Dallas, and VA loans online in Dallas TX.  We take great pride in offering the citizens of Dallas TX with poor or no credit access to the loans and financial services they deserve.

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Most online lenders utilize advanced processes to determine borrower risk. The main factor of determining borrower risk is the borrower’s credit score. A credit score is a number ranging from 300-850 that reflects a consumer’s creditworthiness. The higher an individual’s credit score the more favorable the rates and lending options will be available to that individual. From payday lenders to mortgage lenders, almost all creditors utilize credit scores when determining the risk of lending money to consumers.

A low credit score can be a reflection of little credit history (meaning there has been little documented borrowing activity) or bad borrowing practices (defaulting on credit lines, not paying off credit on time, etc.)

Increasing your credit score if you have little credit history can be done by opening lines of credit (credit cards and loans) and simply borrowing responsibly. It takes time to build a good credit score. When borrowing it is important to keep track of deadlines and make sure you pay off those lines of credit in full by the deadline.

Increasing your credit after bad borrowing practices is a lot more difficult. It takes time and patience to repair a bad credit score, especially when lenders are a lot more hesitant to offer credit to individuals with poor borrowing history.

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